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Morocco hotels booking specialist to book your accommodation in Morocco.


Morocco’s tourism industry continues to grow, with forecasts predicting ever increasing numbers of tourists, so there is no shortage of accommodations in every budget-range, class, and Choose from eco-lodges and renovated Kasbahs in the Mountains, luxury and package resorts spanning the beaches of the Atlantic coast, and authentic Riads in the city Medinas. Explore Morocco and discover the advantage of our exclusive partnerships with the country's best accommodations - personalized VIP service, complimentary upgrades, and the very best rates.

There are many luxurious hotels in Morocco, but none compare to the ones with a friendly and professional staff, picturesque landscapes, infinity pools, Arabian horse farms, and unique facilities that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Riads are specific type of accommodation in Morocco. A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house designed around a central open-air courtyard or garden. Most are found in the medina of larger cities, and are popular for their privacy and wonderfully authentic features. Many are centuries old and include decorative beam work and original Arabic mosaic tiling. Many of Morocco’s traditional courtyard homes, or riads, have been transformed into hotels, giving guests a glimpse of a culture once hidden from the world.

Simply stepping into these buildings, many of which are tucked away off bustling, maze-like streets, will transport you into a “One Thousand and One Nights” fantasy. Interiors are decked out in vibrant ornamentation that include glazed ceramic tiles (zellij) in a kaleidoscope of colors and geometric patterns, elaborately painted wooden ceilings and hand-carved stucco work around impressive door frames. The riad experience is a far cry from one you’d get in a traditional hotel. Add spice to your next Morocco vacation with a stay in a riad.

One of the most popular choices for a stay in Morocco especially for those looking for the simple pleasures of sun, sea and sand is a holiday resort. Most of the country’s big resorts are along the Atlantic coast. Agadir is still the largest, offering an array of hotel complexes to suit all budgets, and its vast beach remains a firm favorite. All-inclusive resorts in formerly modest seaside towns, such as El Jadida, are becoming increasingly popular such as Mazagan Beach Resort. We don’t forget the resorts based in the Atlas Mountains such as Richard Branson Kasbah of Tamadot or Kasbah Du Toubkal.

Camping is the cultural way of life for many of Morocco’s nomadic tribes and there are many well maintained campsites around the country for pitching up your own tent. Most have good facilities that often include hot showers and internet access.

They are all are usually good value, but tend to be located closer to scenic wilderness areas than the major towns and cities. Boutique camping has gained major popularity in recent years and Morocco provides the perfect environment for this five-star luxury under canvas; experience. Many of the best can be found on the desert’s edge where indigenous tribes such as the Berbers and Bedouin are your hosts, offering a unique and authentic experience.

During your travels to Morocco, dive head first into a universe of Kasbahs to get in touch with some of the most historic, cultural and spiritual parts of the country! Scattered throughout the peaks of the Atlas, the coast or the arid south, these ancient fortified castles and their grandiose ramparts never cease to fascinate and bring travelers closer to the most beautiful Moroccan legends. Some of Morocco’s finest Kasbahs have been converted and renovated into authentic hotels to accommodate tourists in luxury and style.

Morocco terrain may look robust but its eco-system and diverse habitats are delicate and preserving them is increasingly a priority. The construction of eco-lodge resorts in the heart of Morocco most scenic areas is now a quietly burgeoning part of the tourism industry. Many ruined Kasbahs in the mountain foothills have been restored to create both spectacular and environmentally friendly accommodation, while new buildings have also been erected using ancient and traditional techniques that are entirely sustainable and environmentally sound.

Our specialists are able to tell you as well as book the best places and give you the opportunity to live a unique experience, always taking into account what you are really looking for.

Morocco Discovery offers its guests the luxuries of staying in the best Hotels, Riads, Resorts and Palaces of Morocco. Our travel experts have years of experience in booking the best accommodation. You look for short stays or longer stays; we have the right combination for you.

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