Jewish Heritage Tours :

Morocco has an exotic atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, picturesque markets, and a Jewish community with strong ties. Jewish heritage tours in Morocco are an opportunity to discover the old Jews quarters (Mellah) and their Andalusian architecture, the unique Jewish Museum in Africa and the Islamic world, The Jewish cemeteries, The Synagogues and Jewish families’ antics in some fine stores of the old cities.

Our Programmes :

Jewish Tour : 10 Days / 09 Nights - From Casablanca
Explore Morocco following the traces of the Jewish Heritage infused in the Moroccan culture, living in harmony for centuries and growing. The rich history is being preserved in a variety of ways.
Jewish Tour : 12 days / 11 Nights - From Casablanca
Traveling through Morocco, you will encounter a fascinating culture and image of the Jewish life. Your tour will shed light on the traces of the Jewish Heritage infused in the Moroccan culture.
Jewish Tour : 15 Days / 14 Nights - From Casablanca
Jewish heritage is very much alive in Morocco. The importance of the Jewish presence in Morocco’s history is grabbing and an interesting focal point for any traveler. Experiencing it first-hand is a must!