1- Enjoy the architecture of Morocco

Moroccan architecture is rich, alluring, and as varied as the landscape of the country itself. Its long history of indigenous Berber people and a series of foreign invaders as well as religious and cultural influences have shaped the countries architectural styles. The architecture can range from ornate with bold with colors to simple, clean lines with earth tones. Morocco’s architecture has been described as exotic, majestic, eclectic, contemporary and traditional a true mix.

2- Enjoy the typical Food in Local Restaurant

Morocco is a cultural haven for tourists. One of the most notable characteristics that Morocco has to offer is the delicious, flavorful local cuisine.. Morocco’s cuisine is a melting pot of many cultures and traditions. Its culinary culture is a unique blend of influences from the indigenous people, traders and conquering nations who brought with them new ingredients, customs and cooking methods. The nomadic tribes called Berbers were the first known inhabitants of Morocco over two thousand years ago and their style of cooking can still be seen today in Moroccan cooking. They were keen to create dishes whose ingredients complimented and enhanced the flavor of each other and so mixed local ingredients such as olives, figs, and dates with lamb or poultry and spices in one pot to create stews with distinctive flavors.

3- Cookery Class Experience

Food in Morocco is incredibly diverse, thanks to the country’s interaction with other cultures and nations over the centuries, including Berber, Moorish, Arab and Mediterranean influences. Discover the rich flavors, aromas and colors of Moroccan cuisine. Spices feature extensively in Moroccan cooking and there is a centuries-old art to their careful balancing. We offer classes and cooking experiences for children, families, small and large groups. We cater to amateurs and professionals.

4- Steam in a Traditional Hammam

A hammam or steam bath is a place entirely dedicated to relaxation and well being, where you escape to pamper yourself. Enjoy a fantastic exfoliation over a steam bath in a hammam and enjoy Eastern traditions of the Turkish baths or the Moroccan Hammam. You could return to your hotel for a cold shower – or you could make the most of your visit by enjoying a trip to a local hammam.

5- Spa & Massage.

Morocco has the power to awaken the senses through the tremendous range of sights, sounds, smells and delicious local food. Add to that Morocco has an exceptional pedigree for spa treatments through its traditions of massages and use of highly therapeutic natural products, some of which are unique to Morocco. The spa experience to further enhance your senses and promote relaxation and you are sure to return home uplifted in mind, body and spirit.

6- Surf in Morocco

Morocco is a surfer’s dream destination...the coastline is full of great surf spots and is an ideal place for learners to advanced surfers, while experiencing Morocco's unique culture. With the amazing variety of breaks in such a small area, there's always a great wave to be found in this part of Morocco.

7- Resort Golf Relief

The ancient land of Morocco is fast establishing itself as one of the world's most exciting destinations and perfect for bespoke golf break holidays. Whether you base yourself near the bustling centre of Marrakech or the beach resorts of El Jadida and Agadir, the quality of golf in Morocco is superb. Non golfers are extremely well catered for with plenty of historical sites to view, sporting activities to enjoy and shopping trips to the local souks just some of the things to keep you occupied on your non-golfing days.

8- Take a camel ride

Take a few days to go down to the Sahara, where you can stay several nights in your choice of tent style, either traditional Bedouin or luxury. The best way to explore the dunes is by camel, so saddle up and you’ll be on your way to a Saharan adventure. The most popular area of the Sahara landscape is Erg chebbi dunes in Merzouga and Erg Chigaga dunes in M'hamid.

9- Take a horse Ride

Horseback riding in Morocco is like traveling back to the fabled land of the Thousand and One Nights. A ride on horseback makes a pleasant change from a day’s sightseeing. The varied landscape includes beaches on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the mighty Atlas Mountains, fertile fields with olive groves, fruit trees and wheat fields as well as the austere and beautiful Sahara Desert in the extreme south.

10- Enjoy a quad biking

For those seeking an unusual activity, Experience Morocco on your own set of wheels with quad biking. Your quad biking adventure will take place either in the palm grove of Marrakech through stunning Berber Villages, or on the beach in Essaouira on the stunning sand dunes. All equipments are provided, so get out there and feel that warm wind in your hair through the stunning Moroccan scenery.

11- Hot Ballooning Gateway

Enjoy the wonders and beauty with the pure African light and the music of silence from a uniquely different perspective as you drift gently over the fantastic desert landscape with views of secluded Berber villages and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains on this magical balloon flight. This is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime with wonderful memories that will last forever. This fantastic activity is available to anyone with a sense of adventure and an interest in the magnificent culture that Morocco has to offer.

12- Self drive adventure

Morocco is certainly a destination that benefits from taking your time. The country is perfectly geared up for self-drive holidays as road surfaces are mostly smooth and only in the most rural areas can it become slightly challenging. Additionally the main highways have regular rest stops available where you can buy refreshments.

13- Hike in the Mountains

Morocco offers amazing opportunities for you to go trekking and hiking in the Atlas Mountains. With us you can climb the first highest peak in North Africa. You can even ski down them in winter. During the rest of the year, we can arrange and organize you a bespoke trip or you can take advantage of one of our pre-packaged tours.

14 - Rental Car Services

Adventures in Africa are the most interesting in the world. Finding a popular destination like Morocco is rewarding. You can book a car for hire before embarking on your journey to this beautiful country. We are always ready to help you pick out the ideal car depending on your itinerary. The cost will depend on the type of car you pick and the duration for which you rent the car.